Team Buckeye- Day 12: The Parades Went Well

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!
I hope that it has been a great day for you filled with food, fireworks, family time,   patriotic clothing and parades. Speaking of parades, we actually had the chance to be apart of two parades today. One was with Movement Church who we visited last week and the other one was with Grace Polaris Church. The weather didn’t look so promising in the beginning when we went with Movement Church, and even later when we went with Grace Polaris, but let me tell you that God is faithful when it comes to the weather and only sprinkles for us.
We passed out water and Movement cards during the first parade, and although it went by super fast and we didn’t talk to the people as much as we would have liked, everyone had something to say about their experience. Some were happy that they knew the church because they fight to make themselves known because they are still doing service at the YMCA. One little boy was excited when he got the card because it sad “You’re Invited” and he was super excited about that.
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For the second parade, we passed out candy. Needless to say there was none by mile 2, which was super sad because a lot of the kids at the end didn’t get candy. Maddie D did pass out high fives though which I think everyone enjoyed. We encouraged the kids that although we aren’t talking to people out in the crowd, there are people from the church that we don’t know so go and talk to them.
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The day flew by with all the fun activities and before we were even able to say Happy 4th of July, it was past 3 o clock. We headed back to the church and than we had Jesus time. Everyone always looks forward to that because we are able to re focus and shift our minds to God who gives us strength. After that we all gathered in one of the rooms at church and Rachel shared about Responsibility. She shared about the parable of the talents and how we need to be responsible with our time, money and all the things that the Lord has given us and we also played a game of thumbs up and down if it was responsible or not. It tied in perfectly with the 2 dollar dinner. What is it you ask? Well, we give everyone two dollars and they have to go to the store and buy dinner. Yes, only two dollars for dinner.  The kids were smart though and combined all of their money to buy spaghetti, hotdogs, hamburgers, drinks etc. pretty quickly a few of them took charge (good job parents) and knew what they were doing. The 52 dollar limit was met with them having 11 cents left! Go team!! We went back to Dave and Carly’s house and they had free reign of the kitchen. Team work is so important and I think that they truly got a taste of what it is like to work with all different personalities and also how to be responsible with what they were given. Right now their bellies are full and we are enjoying each others company and playing games. Today was a good day, full of people, lessons and pretty soon fireworks.
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Happy 4th of July from Team Buckeye!