Team Buckeye- Day 13: Such a hard working team

Sleep. Sleep is good. Sleep is our friend. So people sleep in. That we did! It felt nice but you know what they say, if you get too much sleep you get even more tired. I think that was the case for most of us today.
Laundry day again!!!!! We went to the same place and a few of the students went around talking to people, while others finished up their memory verses.
After we finished loading everything, we headed straight to Pickerington. The kids know how to make time fly by and they do that often by singing the choir songs. After arriving at the church and eating some delicious food from Cane’s, Pastor Waggoner talked to us today about “the code”. It was made up of 13 different visions and goals for the church. It was a great talk and he had great insights about the church.
Next on the agenda was manual labor! Groups were divided into weeding, cleaning chairs, mulching, carried debris, etc.  Some work was done quickly, but other jobs took tons of work and everyone does so awesome!!!!! For the people who’s spiritual gift is acts of service, they were very happy today.
After all of the hard work everyone did, it was time for dinner because their host homes were going to be there at 7:00. So needless to say because our group has a tendency to be very chill and sometimes dragging behind ha ha we got there a wee bit late, but hey, they aintt leave without everyone, right? Well it’s an early night for everyone so we don’t know what the kids will have planned, but we know what the leaders will be doing💤💤😴😴😴
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