Team Buckeye- Day 17: No Routine

We left Pittsburgh.
The end.
Just kidding just kidding.
Before we did leave Pittsburgh, we had the chance to be tourists today. Having perspective is such a gift and being able to have a perspective as a volunteer from yesterday and today as a tourist are very different. Yesterday we saw a need and we met it. We payed specific attention to the streets and our surrounding because of the job that we were given. We were blessed by the encouragement of people and surprised by it because of society now but also because we are the ones to throw out the encouragement. Today we walked as people who were enjoying the beauty of the city and the culture of it. I think because of our experience yesterday, we couldn’t look at people the same today or even the city the same. It looked so pretty from far away and even the buildings up close still look nice but once you see inside them or at the ground, you begin to see the mess and think why would someone leave it that way. That’s how people without Christ are and even sometimes how we can be if we aren’t careful. We pay so much attention to the outer part of who we are and the business of life that we just become a big pile of a mess. We than can get lazy and throw the cigarette butts on the ground for people to see but crying out for help. Perspective is good, I think the best perspective is through the eyes of God.
DSC_0647 DSC_0652 DSC_0673 DSC_0677 DSC_0682
As we made our way back to Ohio, we were able to have alone time with God, finish up some encouragement notes and of course sleep which is our favorite thing to do. Yay we made it to Delaware Grace where the kids will have their last host homes!
While I say that, I know they are all probably crying. Host homes are always a thing everyone looks forward to. The fact that people from the churches are excited to host kids that they have never met is huge. It is a time for them to be able to talk to people outside of our circle and share their hearts and also listen to the people’s lives and play with their kids. On top of that, we normally separate them up by pairs of depending if the family is big a group of five. It is another way that the students can get closer to each other in a different setting. We want to thank everyone who has hosted any of us because it had been a blessing and an honor to spend time with you and to know that you truly care for us so deeply.
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Well, tomorrow is another day and so we will lay our heads to rest. We love you guys and look forward to seeing you soon! Team buckeye