I would say goodbye but than that makes things too official so I will just say see ya later. Before we talk about our official last day, we have to acknowledge what we did on Sunday. We were able to be apart of Grace Delaware Church and it was a blast. The kids were able to sing along with their worship team for both services, do speech choir, do their panamime and 8 of our students (Fiona S, Kaylee A, Michelle K, Sierra P, Kyle C, Ben R, Elisha W, and Levi R.) answered some questions that Pastor Alex had for them. The services were both great and for it to be their last service, the kids rocked it out and were pretty sad about it.
After the services, we had lunch with some of the staff from the church and Pastor Alex encouraged the kids about going back home and what they may look like and to believe the truths versus the lies. Although a short visit with the church, we definitely felt the sense of family there and were sad to leave. We than headed back to our home base, the youth center at Grace Polaris. We had alone time and than some of our students prepared for a worship night with the youth because they were able to be a part of the band. The youth arrived and we had a great service, the students were easy to talk to so we had a great and purposeful time. After youth group we hung out with the youth kids and than some of them actually met up with us at Graeters afterwards. We would all agree that it was a sweet night.
Now let’s get to the saddest day of the OB tour. Debrief. Time. The. Dreaded. Final. Evaluations. Before we started on those, we met up with the Pastor from Grace Polaris and the youth pastor. They shared their training and just poured out some encouragement to us which was awesome. We than went to the Eastem Side Mall and we did our evaluations there. They went great even though the kiddos were nervous. We didn’t have enough time to finish it so we had a late lunch to Red Robin which was delicious!!
We than headed back to the youth center where we me up with the other team and boy was it good to see them and to hear stories about their summer. We fed them and Tk debriefed more with them and was encouraging them about being OB alumni and different things to do when going back home. TK than handed out three awards!! One was for the Rodger Ward Memorial Award ( a church that out served us and that exemplified servanthood) it was given rightly to Marion Grace. Two of the kids, one from each team received the Olszewski award which was for servanthood and that was given to Michelle K and Joshua H. Great job guys!!!
Our teams than separated and we had team time, finishing up encouragement notes, discussion about what we will carry with us, we did communion, challenged the kids and encouraged them for when they went home and in their change for the summer. We finished off this night with Steak and Shake. Yes we know, they eat good. Most of us will be pulling all nighters so just pray that we will be able to soak up the last few hours with each other and that we won’t be too grumpy in the morning when the parents come to pick everyone up. Last post of the summer so thanks for reading guys!!!!
Peace out!
Team buckeye