It was a brisk morning in Philadelphia. Sleep had once again won over the unnamed Team Atlantic blog writer, requiring him to write his blog in the early A.M. of the next day. Though he was well rested, his writer’s train of thought was not choo-chooing, as they say. In a most difficult moment of determination, he decided his blog would only contain the good stuff. On July 8th, he wrote this blog.
Allow me to explain Team Atlantic’s day to you. It was good stuff.
First, we had breakfast from 8-9. It was good stuff. Then, from the end of breakfast until 9:30, students spent time with the Lord. That was some good stuff. Immediately following at 9:30, main session started with Sean McDowell speaking about the evidence for the cross. What good stuff.
The good stuff rolled on into the afternoon. After the session, lunch commenced at noon, and might I suggest to you that that was some good stuff? At 1 PM, students helped unload a shipment of food for Urban Hope, which was some pretty good stuff. And then they had a teaching time at 1:30 led by Andrea on the topic of forgiveness. Forgive me for saying so, but it was good stuff.
After Andrea finished, students took a spiritual gift inventory to help reveal what spiritual gifts they may have. It was good stuff. Then at 3, Streetwise had a ministry training time in which our students were able to teach other attenders how to do the cross illustration. Now that was some good stuff.
At 4, we took time to talk through spiritual gift inventory results, and at 5, our students got to eat authentic Philly cheese steaks – or, as some locals call it, good stuff. But wait! There’s more! We then left to go see some historic sites throughout Philadelphia. We stopped at the Liberty Bell, where the unnamed Team Atlantic blog writer met a man wearing a cool Carly Rae Jepsen t-shirt, and then we trekked over to the Philadelphia Art Museum. Seeing that ancient bell of old and running those Rocky steps was, dare I say, good stuff!
Students got a quick opportunity to phone home before returning to Urban Hope, which I’m sure was good stuff. To close out the night, our team spent time debriefing the past three weeks. Each student shared one thing they wanted to do differently after returning home, and then each student spent time praying for another on the team. This set a new precedent for good stuff. I may be getting a little crazy, but I might say that this very time was great stuff.
Team Atlantic is doing well. We’ve had an excellent few weeks together. It’s wild to believe that in a few short days, our time will be up. Thank you for your consistent prayer for our team! Our work is not up, however. Please continue praying for us as we aim to finish strong. Today (the 8th), we will be helping with Urban Hope’s Kingdom Kids Splash Party. Hundreds of kids can show up to these events, and we will have an awesome opportunity to be apart of this. Pray for our students that they will continue to live on mission and do ministry well.

Students working on a spiritual gift analysis.

Emma teaching a group from Streetwise how to share the Gospel by using the Cross Illustration.

Carly teaching the Cross Illustration.

Andrew teaching the Cross Illustration.

Halley and Delaney teaching individuals the cross illustration.

Some of the girls enjoying team time.

The guys hanging out during team time.

They guys doing their thing at the Philly art museum.

Team Atlantic in front of the art museum in Philly.