The end was near. The night was thick. Thicker than usual. Thick almost as a McDonald’s Triple Thick Shake. Before they were retired. But thinner than concrete mix. That stuff is impossible to sip through a straw. Admittedly, the unnamed Team Atlantic blog writer had very little to say about the day. He wrote this blog with minimal amount of effort.
Breakfast was this morning. It was a delightful spread of French Toast and sausage. Then, our students spent half an hour with Jesus. Sean McDowell spoke for two hours, and then our team heard from Amber Besson, children’s director at Urban Hope.
After lunch, Team Atlantic headed to Reading Terminal Market, a large global food market in Philadelphia. In case anyone was wondering, I got a grilled cheese. But more importantly, our students had discussions with people of many different backgrounds.
Upon returning to Urban Hope, students helped set up for Urban Hope’s annual Splash Party. During the Splash Party, our students put on a program. The Splash Party went well! Our students were well involved and were able to share the gospel to children.
After the Splash Party, Team Atlantic loaded up on the bus and headed to Palmyra, PA, our final stop on tour. Please pray for us tomorrow, as we put on our final program and complete our last day of ministry. Also, pray for ChaKira, who slipped during the Splash Party and got a concussion. She went to the ER and has been released, but please pray that she continues to heal and feel better.

A group of girls praying before going to the Reading Terminal Market.

Atlantic ladies before the Splash Party at Urban Hope

Caleb talking to other Streetwise Conference participants

Atlantic students helping set up for Urban Hope’s Splash Party

Ed Lewis, why so serious?

Puppets during the Splash Party.

Brooke sharing her object lesson with the kids at the Splash party.

Students share about forgiveness in the pantomime, If We’re Honest.