Today was a blast in Kendalville Indiana! The students met all of the leaders at Legacy Church’s storefront offices, in the morning and got the chance to hear from Pastor Dan Cosentino and his team. The students were able to ask questions about ministry, and how to be in the type of ministry that Pastor Dan does. 

Once we were given instructions, we split up into 4 different teams. The first team did a free carwash at the local fire station. The second passed out water at the local Kroger. The third gave out cookies on Main St. in downtown Kendalville. And finally the forth team set up a small carnival at a local park. After each team finished, we all met at the park to do an OB program.

This was a great opportunity to advertise Legacy Church, and the community felt loved by our students. After wrapping up, we sent them to their “host homes” and our day came to an end. Please be praying for our team as we continue our ministry with Legacy Church.