His neck creaked. His body ached. His hunger surmounted. After a long evening spent in the wild, the unnamed Team Atlantic blog writer shaved his incredibly manly mustache that he had only started growing earlier that night. A true sign of manhood is what people declared about his quick growing mustache. Though this story may be fabricated, the following contents are completely true and unadulterated.
The students awoke this morning with a fun, but somber, day ahead of them: the last day of tour. Breakfast was served and time with the Lord was accomplished, which meant our students were prepared for the task ahead: their final Sunday morning service.
Students greeted people as they showed up to Palmyra Grace Brethren Church. Hannah and Josie played walk-in music on the piano. Then, promptly at 10:40, the church service was in full swing. Emma did her object lesson, and Gavin did his devotional during the service. The people of Palmyra GBC were moved and incredibly grateful for the worship Team Atlantic led in.
After church, our students joined the rest of the church body at a church family’s pond for a picnic and baptism. This was a good time where students were able to mingle and enjoy time with people from Palmyra. On our way out, Paul Muchler, who led the first Operation Barnabas team. He encouraged the team to finish well and understand spiritual warfare.
Returning to the church, Team Atlantic filled out some forms necessary for debriefing, and then they were able to spend an hour and half together having team time. After this time was over, Team Atlantic participated in Palmyra GBC’s youth group. During youth group, Keaton, Caleb, and Andrew each shared their devotionals for Palmyra’s students.
At the end of the day, our guys and girls split up. Girls were able to hear from the female leaders about what it looks like leading in the church as a female, while the guys went to a campfire and encouraged each other. It was an appropriate and encouraging final night of tour.
Pray for us as we start debriefing. Our students have had an amazing past few weeks. But as we wind down, many face fears of going home and implementing change in their lives. Pray for strength for them, that they will continue to follow God and pursue Him faithfully.
Update: I mentioned last blog that one of our team mates had suffered a concussion. She was released from the hospital and is back with our team, doing just fine! Thanks for your prayers!

Students praying before the service began.

Victoria and Gavin opening the Sunday service at Palmyra Grace with an OB Spotlight.

Emma teaching her object lesson.

“Let It Be Known” dance.

Gavin teaching his devotion.

Team Atlantic leading Palmyra Grace in worship.

Team Atlantic

Paul, the first leader of Operation Barnabas, encourages Team Atlantic as they prepare to return home in the next few days.

A hot day called for Turkey Hill Slurpees.

Caleb teaching his devotion at youth on Sunday night.

Andrew teaching his devotion at youth at Palmyra.

Rebecca, Andrea, and Jessie led the Atlantic ladies in a discussion about women in leadership according to Scripture.