Today was the final day for Team Atlantic. This morning, the students launched into debriefing. Students heard from TK via Skype for a few hours before departing to a church family’s house for a pool party and exit interviews. This was a good time to encourage our students to continue pursuing growth as they head home.
When Team Atlantic came back to the church, students packed their bags and then heard from Christian about how to lead and initiate with others as they leave Operation Barnabas. Following this, Team Atlantic shared in a final communion together. To close out the night, students viewed a movie together, enjoying one another’s company and reminiscing on memories.
Thank you for keeping up with our journeys. Mostly, thank you for your continued support in prayer. Team Atlantic has had an incredible three weeks. Thank you for playing your part in that!
This is Tristan, the named Team Atlantic blog writer, signing off.

The McAllister children helping Tristan make waffles for dinner.

Students laugh as the team holds a “lost and found auction”.

Team Atlantic praying after the washing of feet.

Team Atlantic partakes in communion.

Rebecca’s Discipleship Group

A very accurate depiction of Jessie’s Discipleship Group