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East Team- last day! July 7th

Today was our last Sunday morning service as a team. We had a great time worshiping at York Grace Brethren Church. Logan and Nate both had the opportunity to share their sermons this morning as well. After the service, we went to Nick’s house for a pool party. During the pool party each student got a chance to meet individually with the leaders about the summer. When we got back to the church we had some teaching times on the transition back...

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Day 22- East Team- July 6th

This morning, when the students came back from host homes they had hour with God. Then they wrote the program schedule for this afternoon. After that, the students did some canvassing then we had lunch. After lunch we had a little bit of down time before the program. The program was great and Ben and Audrey were able to share their lessons. Then we set up for our Sunday morning service before the students went into host homes. Be praying for...

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Day 21-East Team- July 5

We were up bright and early this morning to clean up the Jubilee last night. After we were done with that, we came back to a nice hot breakfast provided by the church. After breakfast we had some team time before heading to Gettysburg. We had a great time exploring before heading to York GBC. At York, the students did a program for the youth group there. Bekah and Emily led worship and JoAnn taught a great lesson about what she has been...

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Day 20-East Team- July 4th

Happy 4th of July! We started the day by helping out at the “Good News Camp” by moving some trash and making name tags. When we finished up there, we went to the Waynesboro Fourth of July Jubilee. We put on a program and then spent the rest of the afternoon making conversation and encouraging people. After we left, we spent some time with God back at the church, then went out to dinner. After dinner we met up with the pastor and watched the...

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Day 19- East Team- July 3rd

Today was a hot one!!!! This morning we traveled to Hagerstown, Maryland for laundry and lunch. After we finished up there we drove to Waynesboro Grace. We met the pastor and got a tour of the church and then went right to work setting up for the 4th of July jubilee tomorrow. We took a quick dinner break then did a program for the community here. Emily gave her object lesson at the program. After the program we split up guys and girls and went...

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East Team- Day 17- July 1

Today we had a slow start and slept in until 8:30. We started the day with hour with God and some memory verse practice. After that Trevor gave a sermon to the team before we left. We went to Manheim Grace for lunch, then did some canvassing for them. Later in the afternoon, we had a teaching by Alyssa. The boys did some construction for the church and the girls had some extra bonding time. We had dinner at Manheim Grace, then took a Walmart...

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