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West Coast, Best Coast: Day 17, July 8th

The West Coast team had an engaging day with each other and the community today. The students got to sleep in a little bit and then started the day with team time after breakfast. During team time, Chloe shared about a conversation she had at Mosaic where she got to pray with a famous YouTuber. He seemed really encouraged! After a time of sharing, Josh H. presented his devotional about temptation and how Jesus showed us how to deal with...

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West Coast, Best Coast: Day 16, July 7th

Today was a great day for the West Coast team! It started with an early morning drive to Grace Community Church of Seal Beach where the students got to sing in all three services and then do two of the children’s services. Both Emily and Josh H. had the opportunity to play piano during offertory in main service. During the children’s programs, Emily and Alexis shared object lessons about using our gifts to glorify God and contribute to the body...

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West Coast, Best Coast: Day 15, July 6th

Our West Coast students had a great day connecting with Jesus and with people! We started the day by going to Heritage Park in Santa Fe Springs where students had an hour with God and got to hear a teaching time on loving others from leader Margaret. We then went to lunch where our students were able to connect with people at local restaurants. After lunch we headed to Orange County Rescue Mission. We were able to tour their facilities and then...

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West Coast, Best Coast: Day 14, July 5th

Today was more of a relax-and-recuperate kind of day for our students. We slept in after staying up late to celebrate and started the morning off with breakfast and a devotional time with Tyson. He shared about the cost of following Jesus. TK then followed up with a teaching time on integrity. We then sent the students out to do some canvassing to spread the word about Grace Brethren Church of Norwalk’s upcoming vacation Bible club. After lunch...

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West Coast, Best COast: Day 13, AMERICA’S BIRTHDAY

The West Coast team had a great day celebrating America’s birthday! Our students received lots of mail and encouragement notes this morning at breakfast. Those that received packages…and those that didn’t…recited the pledge of allegiance, sang the national anthem, and sang “God Bless America!” (We just like to make ‘em work for it.) We then had some teaching time and got to hear Colby’s devotional about how God uses trials to grow...

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West Coast, Best Coast: Day 12, July 3rd

Today was another fun and busy day for our students! We started the morning off with a quick breakfast and devotional time. The students then packed up the bus and we were on our way to Hsi Lai Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the United States. Ed Trenner took some time and showed us around, and we were lucky to have an awesome tour guide named August. It was a great learning experience for our students and they learned a lot about...

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