The West Coast team had a great day celebrating America’s birthday! Our students received lots of mail and encouragement notes this morning at breakfast. Those that received packages…and those that didn’t…recited the pledge of allegiance, sang the national anthem, and sang “God Bless America!” (We just like to make ‘em work for it.) We then had some teaching time and got to hear Colby’s devotional about how God uses trials to grow us, Ariana’s object lesson about letting go of bitterness, and leader Alyssa’s teaching time about being people of hope. We then headed out to Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch to serve at and participate in their Fourth of July festivities. It was a busy day and our students were so flexible and helpful. In the evening, our students and leaders got to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in front of 50,000 people -what an opportunity! We then got to enjoy the fireworks, which many of our students said were the best they had ever seen. The team ended the night by helping clean up after the event. We were so grateful to serve alongside Shepherd Church and enjoyed celebrating our freedom, both in Christ and in America, today!

Praise God for a fun day of service! Pray for our students as they are feeling some exhaustion. Pray for this weekend, that our students would get rest while staying focused on the goal of spiritual growth in themselves and others!