We had another great day being at and serving Bellflower Brethren Church. The students started the day by splitting in half, and one group went to do laundry while the other did work projects at the church. Once those tasks were finished, we got decked out in our cow gear and headed to Chick-fil-A to celebrate National Cow Appreciation Day with free entrees! Students were grateful for the food and took advantage of the busy restaurant by talking to people. After lunch, we went back to BBC for a teaching time on responsibility with TK. Duke also shared his devotional about trusting in God and not being anxious. The students then did the spiritual gifts inventory which we debriefed during discipleship groups. Dinner was provided by the church, and then most of the students went out canvassing for VBS while a few helped with a nearby soccer camp. It was a full, fun day the West Coast team!

Praise God for opportunities for our students to learn how to use their gifts to glorify God. Pray for tomorrow as they will have opportunities to evangelize at a park in downtown LA. We love seeing how the students have grown throughout tour and how they are already planning to apply what they are learning when they come home!