Today was a fun day for our students! Caleb started off the day by sharing his devotional about how we should be focused on other people. We then spent the morning and afternoon at Exposition Park and the campus of University of Southern California. Students had a great time exploring the area and talking with people. Anna was able to have a spiritual conversation with someone and pray for them – praise God! We then came back to GBC Norwalk where students had some quiet/rest time. In the evening we went to the Ward’s home where we had dinner and got to connect with OB alum and supporters. The students enjoyed connecting with people and playing fun games. We ended the evening with guy/girl time where we talked about the value of purity, and how our identity is ultimately in Jesus and His grace.

Tomorrow will be a busy day of ministry, so please pray for energy and opportunities to minister and serve. Praise God for the conversations we had today, and may He use other people to water and sow any spiritual seeds that were planted. The West Coast team is praising God for how He has proven faithful throughout tour and how He will continue to be faithful when we return home!