The West Coast team had a fun day in the sun! We started the morning with Mike Jentes in Heartwell Park. Mike has planted a church at the park and our students had the opportunity to canvas at the park and surrounding community about the church and an upcoming event. We then went to Huntington Beach for the afternoon. Students were split in pairs and had the opportunity to get lunch together and intentionally seek out spiritual conversations. A lot of our students had great stories to share. Colby and Madelyn had an awesome conversation where they got to pray for a man. After a sunny afternoon at the beach and a quick stop at 7-Eleven for free slushees, we went to Los Altos Grace Church for dinner and some time with their youth pastor, volunteers, and students. It was a great time to connect, and we even got to play some fun games and worship the Lord through song. The youth pastor, Jacob, and the intern, Josh, shared some counsel about how to return home well after OB. The students had an awesome day and are resting up for another full day tomorrow!

Pray for the people our students interacted with today, that they were encouraged through the grace and love that accompanies people who are walking with Jesus. Pray that our students will love and serve with energy tomorrow. Praise God for His sovereignty in our lives and in His grand plan of redeeming humanity to Himself!