Today was a bittersweet day for the West Coast team. This morning the students did their last two programs of tour at Norwalk Grace Brethren Church. The first was a family program during Sunday school hour in which Anna shared her object lesson about reading the Bible. The second program was during the church service where Isaiah shared his devotional about obeying the authority of God. The students did a great job worshiping the Lord through song, dance, skits, and even puppets! After church, we joined the congregation for some tacos and snow cones – what a treat! The students then spent their afternoon debriefing tour and preparing to head home. We spent time participating in threefold communion, complete with a love feast at Taco Bell. In the evening most of the students went to see Spider-Man: Far From Home, while some stayed at the church to hang out and relax. The students are resting up for an early day of travel tomorrow. They are sad to be parting, but excited to be coming back to their families and youth groups! We have had such a great summer. God has been glorified. The students have been challenged. Great memories have been made!

Thank you to those who have supported this team through prayer and words of encouragement. We could not do this without you!

Until next time…OB West Coast 2019: signing off.